Peer Review College

We have an established Peer Review College.

Peer review lies at the very heart of our operations, and we are fully committed to the principle of peer review for the assessment of proposals to all our schemes and programmes.

The Peer Review College consists of a group of approximately 1,800 experts, including both UK and overseas academics, and users from private, government and civil society organisations. Peer Review College members are expected to provide expert quality reviews of proposals within their areas of expertise, which will inform our decision-making processes.

The college covers the majority of our schemes, including both directive and responsive mode initiatives. In addition to using members of the new college we will continue to draw upon the wider academic and user communities to conduct our peer review process.

How do I become a member of the college?

The current college members were nominated by ESRC principal investigators and from our academic and user communities. The usual term of service for a college member is four years. Smaller recruitment exercises to fill any subject area gaps are likely to be held on an annual basis. We will advertise any opportunities on our website.

Documents for college members

Peer Review College Membership

Further information

For further information about our Peer Review College, including questions about membership, contact: