Research Committee

Our Research Committee is responsible for creating scientific, economic and societal impact through the development and monitoring of our policies for research funding and portfolio of research investments.

The committee advise the ESRC Council on the scientific development of social science challenges, addressing topics of major national and international importance. This is delivered through a range of methods and funding modes (directed and responsive) and includes ESRC's contribution to RCUK cross-council programmes.

We make scientific recommendations for funding grants within this area although funding recommendations under the responsive mode are made by our Grants Delivery Group (GDG).

We meet three times a year in March, July and November. Our main tasks are to:

  • develop and regularly review the committee's portfolio, including commissioning new investments, utilising user and public engagement where appropriate, and reviewing responsive mode schemes annually
  • report to and advise the ESRC on its activities and future developments, in particular the scientific development of the social science challenges, portfolio of funding mechanisms, research funding policy, and against progress in delivering the ESRC's strategy implementation plan.

Each new research activity is commissioned with the help of a specially constituted commissioning panel, usually chaired by a member of the committee and comprising a mix of academic and practitioner/research user members. All funding decisions are reached in light of peer reviews.

The Research Committee also has oversight of our responsive mode schemes.

Committee membership

Current term for all members ends August 2014, unless stated otherwise.

  • Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell (Chair), University of Bath (current term ends July 2014)
  • Professor Jennifer Mason (Vice Chair), University of Manchester
  • Professor Michael Bradshaw, Leicester University (current term ends August 2015)
  • Mr Martin Cooke, Angle PLC
  • Mr Daniel Corry, New Philanthropy Capital
  • Ms Diane Coyle, Enlightenment Economics
  • Professor Hilary Graham, University of York
  • Professor James Love, Aston University (current term ends August 2015)
  • Professor Steve Machin, University College London
  • Professor Claire O'Malley, University of Nottingham
  • Mr Mark Robinson, DFID
  • Professor Hazel Smith, Cranfield University
  • Professor John Stillwell, University of Leeds
  • Professor Andy Stirling, University of Sussex
  • Professor Claire Wallace, University of Aberdeen
  • Ms Rosalie Ward, Independent Member

Forthcoming meetings

  • 4 April 2014
  • 11 July 2014
  • 21 November 2014

Notes from previous meetings