There are two ESRC directorates:

  • Policy, Resources and Communications
  • Research, Partnerships and International

Policy, Resources and Communications (PRC)

The Policy, Resources and Communications directorate is responsible for:

Director: Phil Sooben (also Deputy CEO)
Deputy Director:Fiona Armstrong


  • Capability (head: Fiona Armstrong)
    • Business Critical Projects (strategic lead: Vanessa Cuthill)
    • Policy and Cohorts (strategic lead: Michelle Dodson)
    • Resources (strategic lead: Paul Meller)
    • Skills and Methods (strategic lead: Frances Burstow)
  • Communications (head: Jacky Clake)
  • Evaluation, Strategy and Analysis (head: Vicki Crossley)

Also working with:

  • Professional Support Unit (PSU) (a joint unit supporting ESRC and two other research councils)
    • Finance (head: Neil Cooper)
    • HR (head: Norma Thorpe)
    • Information Services (head: Chris Moulsley)

Research, Partnerships and International (RPI)

The responsibilities of the Research, Partnerships and International directorate include:

  • developing and commissioning new research
  • managing and developing our research investments, including maximising the impact of our funding
  • developing relationships with relevant cross-research council activity
  • developing partnerships with other organisations both in the UK and internationally, including knowledge exchange work
  • leading the development and implementation of our international strategy

Deputy Director: Jeremy Neathey


  • Economic Performance and Environment (head: Andy Gibbs)
  • Health and Human Behaviour (head: Joy Todd)
  • International Development (head: Craig Bardsley)
  • International Strategy (head: Samantha Riches)
  • Knowledge Exchange Group (head: Rebecca Fairbairn)
  • Society and Global Security (head: Julie McLaren)