Deputy Director of Research, Partnerships and International

Jeremy NeatheyJeremy Neathey

Jeremy joined the ESRC in 1990 where he worked on research and methods for a number of years before taking up the 'clerk to Council' role. He took on the team head role in the Research Directorate in 2002 before becoming Board Secretary to both the Research Resources Board and Training and Development Board. Jeremy assumed his Directors role in the Policy and Resources Directorate in 2007.

Jeremy completed a degree in Human Geography (University of Reading) between 1982-85. He then worked on a PhD looking at the dynamic relationships between gender, class and locality (drawing up the theoretical work of the then Lancaster group).

Jeremy has lead responsibilities for People and Skills, and Methods and Infrastructure which includes Business Critical Projects: Understanding Society, the Birth Cohort Facility and the new Postgraduate Training Framework. He also chairs the ESRC internal Streamlining Group and sits on the Cross Council Group on Large Facilities.