Equality and diversity

Research councils' equal opportunities statement

The UK Research Councils are committed to a policy of equal opportunities for their employees, applicants for employment or funding, and in their interactions with other external stakeholders. No eligible job applicant, employee or external stakeholder should receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of disability, sex or gender re-assignment, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, or contractual and work roles.

The Research Councils aim to develop as organisations that value the diversity of their staff, value the contribution of everyone to enable them to realise their full potential, and that recognise and harness the benefits that differences can bring.

The Research Councils each have an equal opportunities policy and welcome applications from all sections of the community. People with disabilities and those from ethnic minorities are currently under-represented and their applications are particularly welcome.

The Research Councils operate a guaranteed interview scheme for candidates with disabilities. The scheme exists to encourage people with disabilities to apply for the full range of jobs on offer and for employers to be able to select the best person for the job from a wider, more diverse range of applicants.

If you have a disability we guarantee to invite you to interview if you meet the essential specified requirements of the job. However, this does not mean that we invite applicants with disabilities to interview solely because of their disability, nor will applicants without disabilities be in any way disadvantaged.

If you are interested in a job and think you have the right skills - whether you have a disability or not – then we want to hear from you. We do not operate quota systems on the people we appoint; if you are the best person for the job you will be offered it.

ESRC equality policies

The ESRC appreciates that having a diverse team of people in our organisation enriches the talent we need to stay at the leading edge of research.

We have a strong commitment to equalities. With recent changes in UK legislation, we now have a legal requirement to publish our policies, plans and performance.

We are pleased to do this in consultation with our recognised Trade Unions and external parties. Our policies promote equality to eliminate discrimination and this is built into our operational processes and arrangements.

If you have any queries relating to the ESRC Equality Policies please contact the Professional Support Unit (PSU)(email: psu@ahrc.ac.uk).

The ESRC Equality Schemes are currently under review pending the introduction of new equalities legislation under the Government's Equality Bill. We will publish updated Equality Schemes following this review.

Equality schemes

The ESRC has schemes for equality action in the areas of disability, gender and race:

Equality plans

Race/ethnicity vital statistics

The following information is available on the race/ethnicity of applicants, successful and unsuccessful, for all application types, and sub-divided for Studentships and Research Grants: