Working internationally

We are committed to raising awareness of UK social science internationally, and enabling UK social scientists to collaborate with the best researchers across the world. We provide opportunities to research overseas, to welcome overseas collaborators to your institution, or get involved in international research networks.

International funding opportunities

Find out about our international funding opportunities.

Information for international students applying for ESRC studentship

We allocate studentships to accredited Doctoral Training Centres (DTCs). Studentships can only be held on accredited pathways within a DTC. Prospective international students must apply directly to a DTC in order to secure an ESRC studentship and they will decide which students are eligible for funding. 

DTCs have strict internal processes for selecting students and must abide by UK Government regulations in determining residential eligibility. As such, students should contact the DTC at the earliest opportunity.

International policy and strategy

Working internationally is a key priority of our Strategic Plan.

International research resources

Research resources form the foundation on which research is conducted. Traditionally, research resources were focused mainly within national boundaries, but with growing globalisation and interdependence there is a clear need to share data, expertise in research methods, and to develop tools and techniques for successful cross-national research.

We have been developing a number of initiatives that bring together social scientists from the UK and overseas. These initiatives aim to promote international co-operation and to advance research resource infrastructure through data sharing and collaborative analysis.

Find out more about our research resources.

Overseas offices

The Research Councils have had an overseas presence since the opening of the UK Research Office in Brussels (UKRO) in 1984. There are now also RCUK overseas offices in the US, China and India.

Further information

If you want to know more about our international work and opportunities, please contact us: