Working with business

Social science can help to inform and support an environment that encourages businesses of all sizes to operate more effectively and enhance economic performance and growth.

Businesses can benefit from social science research in a variety of ways including,  providing insights into new business areas, advice on corporate social responsibility, enhanced project management skills and provide insights into consumers changing attitudes to climate change. Engagement and collaboration with business also benefits social scientists, by gaining an improved  understanding of business requirements, identifying new research themes and widening networks with business.

Successful collaboration

Successful collaborations between the ESRC and business include:

We offer a number opportunities for both academics researching areas relevant to business and research users from the business community. These opportunities are intended to provide funding for a variety of activities relevant to the sector, including: new research, people exchange (fellowships) and knowledge exchange activities.

Retail sector

One of the ways we are working with business, and the retail sector in particular, is through two retail Knowledge Navigator teams. For further information about the navigators and the opportunities for working with the retail sector:

Further information

If you would like to find out more about collaborative opportunities with business please visit the Funding Opportunities page or email us at