International research

ESRC plays a key international role within the social sciences, collaborating with a wide range of international partners. Through a number of joint schemes and activities we enable UK based researchers to work with researchers from around the world, on some of the most challenging global issues.

As promised in our Delivery Plan (2011-2015), we will continue to encourage and promote international collaboration by incorporating international perspectives across the full range of our activities from an early stage.

The ESRC aims to:

  • enable the best researchers to work together across international borders by removing barriers and increasing research capacity
  • engage and work with international agencies, other national agencies, RCUK and other UK partners where this can bring benefits to the UK social science community
  • encourage UK social scientists to engage with international funding opportunities
  • embed international perspectives in all major ESRC research priorities and activities from an early stage
  • equip researchers with the necessary skills, methods, data and resources needed to collaborate internationally or undertake international comparative work
  • evaluate and benchmark the quality of UK social science internationally.

We are keen to promote international collaboration at all stages of the research cycle, and have developed a range of funding schemes and international strategies.