Opportunities for public services

What’s available to the public services

The ESRC supports social scientists at all stages of their careers to undertake high quality research across a large number of social and economic issues. These can range from policy oriented seminars through to a research centre that brings together researchers for a number of years. ESRC enables an enormous breadth and variety of research work to be undertaken, much of which will be of interest to the public services.

Many of the information services and events that are shown below are already fully funded. In other cases, organisations may need to contribute towards project costs, fees to attend training courses or their own expenses to attend meetings. Different eligibility rules apply depending on the project and the background of the organisation that is making an application.

Find out about forthcoming events, funding opportunities and recent publications

  • Follow our Twitter feed @ESRC

Hear from leading researchers and keep up with developments

  • Attend an ESRC Festival of Social Science event
  • Attend an ESRC supported research seminar on a wide range of policy topics
  • Follow the Administrative Data Research Network across the UK for up to date information on exploiting data held within organisations
  • Subscribe to the ESRC’s eNews bi monthly bulletin and Society Now magazine.

Join others interested in using and making evidence

  • Become a member of the Alliance for Useful Evidence to be alerted to events, publications and discussions about making evidence use a reality
  • Sign up for blogs from leading academics writing for The Conversation website, part funded by the UK Research Councils.

Encourage researchers to understand how your organisation works

  • Keep up to date with projects we fund that help university researchers understand and reach different parts of the public services more effectively. Currently we have projects based at the UK Houses of Parliament and with local government in England.
  • Offer staff from your organisation to spend time at a university on a secondment or business project. This could be at one of the 24 universities that hold an ESRC Impact Acceleration Account.

Get summaries of recently completed research

  • Access our bank of Evidence Briefings organised by policy area including the public services, health and wellbeing, education, innovation and skills, economy and business.

Get evidence from research about the impact of initiatives to improve local economies and communities

To find out about research funded by all of the seven Research Councils over the last five years

Find a university with ESRC-funding to help the public services access and benefit from their research

  • Approach one of the 24 leading universities who hold an Impact Acceleration Account designed to fund access to and exchange of research with business, community and voluntary organisations as well as the public services.

To find researchers who know about your field of work

Partner directly with researchers on applications for ESRC-funding

Expand your skills base

Have a researcher spend time in your organisation

Partner with the Research Councils to commission independent researchers to carry out work relevant to the public services

  • Pool resources with the ESRC to fund a group of researchers dedicated to investigating a topic of interest.