Working with the public sector

Collaboration with the public sector is one of our most successful areas of partnership. Through partnerships and engagement with parliament, government departments and the devolved administrations we have:

  • co-funded research initiatives
  • identified and delivered data priorities
  • co-sponsored collaborative studentship schemes
  • presented research and submitted evidence.

What Works: evidence centres for social policy

These new centres will be focusing on key research areas including crime reduction and local economic growth.

Policy research

Public sector collaboration

  • Funding opportunities: we provide funding for a variety of activities relevant to the public sector¬†
  • Local government knowledge navigator team

Public evidence

Public services

How social science research is used

Social science research informs evidence-based policy and is used in a wide range of policy areas. Some examples include:

  • understanding the economic and social impacts of an ageing population
  • understanding individual behaviour in order to help tackle climate change
  • regulation and reform of public services
  • boosting innovation and enterprise in the UK.