Is my research suitable for ESRC funding?

If you are unsure whether your research is suitable for ESRC funding, please contact You may submit a short outline of your research for guidance. 

Please note that:

  • detailed costs or references are not required at this stage
  • any outlines should be no more than two pages long
  • background information regarding your research is not required; it is more helpful if you describe your aims and objectives, methods and what the main novelty of the project is.

We can then advise where you should submit a full application.

We strongly advise you to contact us prior to submission if you are working at an interface area between Research Councils. We are in regular contact with other Research Councils to ensure that applications are assessed by those with the most appropriate expertise. Cross-council funding is available where successful applications cross the remit of two or more Research Councils. If you feel that your project might fall into this category, please approach the Research Council which you consider the most relevant for advice in the first instance.