ESRC-RGC (Hong Kong) bilateral

This call is currently closed. The following is for information only.

The ESRC and RGC (Research Grants Council of Hong Kong) are committed to helping researchers overcome barriers to international collaborative research. This call supports UK and Hong Kong researchers to carry out integrated collaborative research on any social science topic.

Grants are for a maximum of three years. The UK side of projects will be funded by the ESRC while the Hong Kong side will be funded by the RGC. For the UK side of projects, the funding limit is set between £15,000 and £99,999 per grant (at 100 per cent full economic cost). The ESRC will meet 80 per cent of these costs. For the Hong Kong side, the overall limit is set to HK $350,000 per grant (excluding 15 per cent on-costs). These costs will be met by the RGC.

Information on previous calls

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