Rising Powers and Interdependent Futures - research grant proposals

This page is for information only. The call is now closed.

ESRC has increased the amount for the Rising Powers call from £3.3 million to £4.3 million and is inviting applications to explore the UK's relationship with and understanding of 'rising powers' such as Brazil, China and India.

The 'Rising Powers and Interdependent Futures' initiative contributes  to our three strategic priorities, especially Economic Performance and Sustainable Growth; and Vibrant and Fair Society. This focuses on the implications of the Rising Powers for the rest of the world (paying attention to both developed and developing countries), and on how the Rising Powers’ interactions with each other and other countries are changing. This requires interest in issues around the UK’s relationship with and understanding of rising economic powers therefore securing responsible economic advantage for the UK from trade with emerging markets and attraction of investment. The “Rising Powers” include but are not limited to China, India, Brazil and Russia and their emergence represents one of the key drivers of global economic and social change.  

Applications are expected to focus on one or more of the themes below from an interdisciplinary perspective and international comparative and/or collaborative work is welcome. Please refer to our guidance on the Inclusion of international co-investigators for further information. Applicants are also invited to utilise the cross-Council Lead Agency Agreement with the State of São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP). Please refer to the RCUK-FAPESP Bilateral Agreement for further information.

The three themes are:

  • Causes, sustainability and competitiveness
  • Global and regional governance and the balance of power
  • Wellbeing and equity

The Rising Powers call has a budget of £4.3 million. We welcome Research Grant Proposals with total costs of between £200,000 and £750,000 (at 100 per cent fEC). Consistent with the Research Councils' arrangements for fEC, the ESRC will contribute 80 per cent of this cost and the remaining balance must be guaranteed by the research organisation. Eligible institutions may include applications for attached Project Linked Studentships within their proposal.

Deadline for applications: 16.00 on 8 September 2011.

Decisions will be announced in April 2012 and projects funded under this initiative can commence on 1 May 2012.

We expect to receive projects with an average size of £370,000 (at 100 per cent fEC) and a duration of between one and three years.

The Case for Support is the substance of your proposal and is mandatory. It should not exceed six A4 sides, plus up to a further six A4 sides for annexes and supporting documents such as bibliographic materials, glossaries of technical terms, charts, diagrams and tables. A Justification of Resources, giving a full justification of costs, up to two sides of A4 must be included. A Pathways to Impact statement of up to two sides of A4 must also be included. In addition, we require a CV for each applicant and any named research staff (maximum of 2 A4 sides). There is also a new requirement for a Data Management Plan of up to a maximum of three A4 sides.

Essential documents

Further information

If you have any questions or would like further information please contact Teresa Tucker or Andrew Telford at risingpowersgrants@esrc.ac.uk