Research Seminars Competition 2013-2014

Research Seminars 2013-14

Funding is available for UK research organisations to hold Research Seminars for groups of academic researchers, postgraduate students and non-academic users from different organisations. Seminar groups meet regularly to exchange information and ideas with the aim of advancing research within their fields.

Where appropriate, seminar group members should be drawn from the public sector, commercial private sector, civil society sector and other relevant organisations as well as from academic institutions. We would particularly encourage seminar groups designed to bring together leading international researchers and stakeholders from across disciplines to identify new research agendas or capacity-building priorities.

These grants are non-fEC and are limited to £30,000. This covers:

  • justified travel and expenses for speakers and participants
  • justified secretarial costs
  • justified project specific stationery, postage, copying and telephone costs
  • justified hire of rooms and facilities (when the host institution or other collaborating organisation cannot provide these facilities).

Please note that last year the maximum amount that applicants could apply for was significantly increased in order to facilitate and encourage greater knowledge exchange and international involvement.

Funding is available for UK research organisations eligible for Research Council Funding to undertake these Research Seminars. Further information regarding eligibility can be found on the RCUK website.

This call is now closed. A list of successful grants will also be made available once all applicants have been notified of decisions.

Further funds available for Japanese collaboration

Applicants to the Research Seminar Competition intending to collaborate with Japan-based researchers or stakeholders should note that their counterparts can also apply to the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) to gain extra funding for necessary participatory expenses such as travel and accommodation.

Applications for support to the JSPS should be made separately by the Japanese collaborators or participants direct to the JSPS. However, the intention to apply for support from the JSPS should be indicated in the Research Seminar Competition application to the ESRC, who will liaise with the JSPS as appropriate.

Further information

Documents for the 2013-14 competition:

You may also be interested to see the list of previously awarded Research Seminar grants.

Final reporting

ESRC Seminar grant holders whose project ends on or after 1 November 2013 must complete the 'Key Findings' section on the Research Outcomes System (ROS) within three months of their grant end date. The ESRC End of Award Report is no longer required on Seminars grants ending after this date.

In addition, seminar grant holders are required to complete an Impact Report on the Research Outcomes System (ROS) 12 months after the grant end date. This report is a mandatory part of the evaluation process.

The relevant guidance is available from our final reporting for individual awards page.


For further information, contact: