RCUK-FAPESP bilateral agreement

Research Councils UK (RCUK) and the State of Säo Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) have agreed a pioneering Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to welcome, encourage and support applications that may cut across their national boundaries and involve international collaborative teams.

The MoU provides for a 'Lead Agency Agreement' whereby the relevant UK Research Council will receive and assess collaborative proposals from eligible institutions on behalf of both organisations. However, FAPESP nominated experts will be involved with the peer review and decision making processes throughout. 

For further information see the RCUK-FAPESP Memorandum of Understanding (RCUK website).

ESRC accepts applications under the terms of MoU to our Research Grants Scheme, and previously has accepted proposals under the International Partnership and Networking scheme, and Rising Powers and Interdependent Futures

Proposals to any ESRC scheme which utilises this MoU must also include an RCUK-FAPESP proposal summary form and FAPESP consolidated budget spreadsheet as additional Je-S attachments (both available on the FAPESP website).

For more information on the agreement, email international@esrc.ac.uk