The joint scheme provides a rich source of development research evidence emerging from individual projects and from synthesis outputs that present findings and learning from specific streams of its research portfolio. The scheme specifically aims to produce research which is useful to, taken up and applied by policymakers and other relevant stakeholders to address international development goals, making the communication of research findings to both academics and policymakers a central output.

Guiding principles on uptake, impact and communication

In 2013 ESRC and DFID agreed shared principles about research uptake, impact and communication of research for the joint fund. These focus on how to maximise the potential impact of the research on policy and practice at a scheme level and articulate the funders’ expectations for individual awards around research uptake and impact. These principles also inform other partnership programmes between DFID and ESRC.

Strategic Advisory Team for Impact 2010-13

In 2011 the Strategic Advisory Team for Impact carried out an initial review and analysis of projects awarded during Phase 1 of the scheme and their impact, based on analysis of documentation produced by grant holders. The following documents are available to download:

The Strategic Advisory Team also produced two-page case studies to provide an overview of the findings and potential impacts of scheme projects: