Planning activities

Your impact strategy needs to include a full list of all the activities you are going to carry out. In general, when planning your activities, it is worth bearing the following in mind:

  • Target your activities effectively – often it's better to do less, but do it well. 
  • Don't underestimate the resources involved – ensure you estimate time and cost as accurately as possible. 
  • Where choices have to be made, concentrate on your most important and influential audiences, prioritise high impact/low cost activities and use secondary channels to save time and money.   
  • Take advantage of any ESRC support, guidance and training that is available before embarking on unfamiliar activities such as media work or running events.

See Resources and Help section for ESRC contacts who can provide further assistance.

Developing a project plan

Once you have chosen your activities, these should be developed into a working project plan with deadlines and responsibilities.

According to the particular project, your activities might be grouped under the following headings. You'll find detailed guidance on each of these in this impact toolkit:

Further guidance on project planning, including a list of useful publications and websites, is available in the resources and help section. The following template is designed to help you draft your impact strategy.

Allocating resources