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Wall graffiti

Tackling Northern Ireland's flag problem

Research on how flag use affects tension between communities in Northern Ireland has transformed understanding and fed into reconciliation strategies.

Plane travel

Helping the environment with social marketing

Using social marketing techniques, researchers at the University of Exeter have influenced Defra policy in segmenting audiences for behavioural change campaigns, and developed a ‘green travel’ app for holidays.

Charitable giving

Keeping charitable donations tax-free

Professor Kimberley Scharf at the ESRC Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy has been credited with helping to reverse government proposals of a cap on tax relief for charitable giving.

Cigarette in ashtray

The plain facts of tobacco packaging

Moves to impose plain packaging for cigarettes, including Australia's 2012 legislation on standardised packaging and the recent UK commitment to do the same, have been strongly influenced by Olivia Maynard's research into tobacco packaging.

Liaison police

Policing crowds without force

New approaches to crowd psychology are helping police manage the potential for conflict in crowds while allowing people's rights to protest through dialogue and negotiation.

Jokey old men

Challenging age-based stereotypes

A pioneering project in which older women explored their experience of ageing through art provided the impetus for a campaign challenging ageism and sexism through a range of policy and school-based initiatives.


Transforming offender rehabilitation

An ESRC-funded project building upon pioneering research into how offenders move away from crime is transforming the practice of offender rehabilitation in the UK and beyond.

Wheelchair pictogram

Helping disabled persons in the workplace

Findings about the levels of bullying of disabled people in the workplace have led to changes in policy, promoting equality and improving workplace environments.

Surgery instruments

The human element of surgery

A new tool assessing the quality of team-related behaviours of the core members of an operating theatre team has been mandated for national use by the National Patient Safety Agency and implemented in several other countries.

Girl looking out

Boosting resilience for young people

Resilient Therapy, a successful resilience-boosting practice developed through ESRC-funded research by Professor Angie Hart, has been embedded in two community organisations.


Turning into an extremist

Research by Professor Per-Olof Wikström has been cited in two Government initiatives – the anti-terrorism strategy CONTEST and the Prevent strategy, aimed at preventing violent extremism.

Bernie the sheep

The sheep that stopped grassland fires

Working with the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, the BRASS research centre achieved a 46 per cent reduction in deliberate grassfires in the South Wales valleys by the use of social marketing techniques.

Picking syringe

Reducing drug risk

A collaborative CASE studentship between the University of Plymouth and Plymouth Drug and Alcohol Action Team has influenced new drug-related policy and practice.

No smoking sign

Health psychology helping business

The training and consultancy company Public Management Associates Ltd collaborated with Coventry University to develop in-house skills in health psychology and behaviour change, reducing commissioning costs and increasing profits.

Talking on phone

The way we talk

An analysis of how people communicate across different media is feeding into BT's design process and products, providing important knowledge for development of future services.

Industrial emissions

Calculating carbon footprints

Research has quantified how consumer purchasing decisions drive carbon emissions - helping to develop PAS 2050, a business standard on carbon footprinting.


Making cashpoints more personal

Research into how customers used cashpoints revealed a demand for more personalised ATM services, providing ATM supplier NCR with new business opportunities.


Decision-making in rape trials

Research on biased jury decisions in rape trials informed Home Office legislation review and judicial assessments in New Zealand.

Learning software

Psychological testing of language tools

A psychological evaluation of Texthelp Systems software highlighted the benefits of the product, supporting marketing and leading to new contracts and predicted increase in exports.

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