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Traditional net fishing

Helping ecosystems by tackling taboos

Focusing on purely 'win-win' scenarios in ecosystem management is tempting, but difficult trade-offs have to be negotiated, according to ESPA research.

Old woman in park

Rethinking pensions

Six in ten people over the age of 50 in the UK have not considered how they will finance their retirement years – and a third of people approaching retirement do not know how much income they will receive from their private pensions, according to research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

York flooding 2012

Misjudging the risk of extreme events

Both insurance buyers and insurance sellers frequently fail to assess risks accurately, according to new research. An ESRC-supported report concludes that when people make assessments about rare events, they often tend to misjudge a number of factors.


Trust me - I'm a politician

Politicians will find it hard to persuade voters to trust them more because there's a big gap between the kinds of behaviour the two camps think of as unethical, according to new research.

Screen help message

Staying safe online

The Visualisation and Other Methods of Expression (VOME) project developed new methods to raise public awareness about internet security, an issue highlighted with today's celebration of Safer Internet Day.

Flowing river

Water, flooding and public trust

The Government’s white paper Water for Life highlights challenges and policy options for our water resources. Several ESRC-funded research projects have focused on aspects of water management - and award-winning RELU research shows new methods for engaging with the public.


The challenges of AIDS - past and present

Thirty years after the first reported cases of AIDS, a unique gathering of experts are examining the early response to the epidemic in the lecture series "AIDS @ 30: Three decades of responding to HIV/AIDS".

Tired businesswoman

Tired? Work in groups

The risk of inflexible thinking increases when you're tired - but working in a team and consulting others helps to make the right decision, shows research.

Rock paper scissors

We are all copycats

We can’t help but copy other people’s actions, shows research on automatic imitation. A study revealed that rock-paper-scissors players subconsciously copied each other’s hand shapes – even if that meant an increased risk of losing out.

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