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Angry man online

The nature of web trolls

Online 'trolls' who abuse people are motivated by boredom as well as feelings of power, amusement and revenge, new findings show. Research by Dr Claire Hardaker at the ESRC CASS centre explores the motivation for trolling.

Indian student

Delayed motherhood due to longer education

British women are increasingly having children at a later age – and longer time in education and training is a major factor, shows research from the ESRC Centre for Population Change (CPC).

Baby and mother

Babies of blind mothers more skilled at communication

Far from being disadvantaged, babies of blind mothers develop communication and attention skills than their peers, according to research by Dr Atsushi Senju. He found no signs of autistic-like behaviour due to lack of visual communication.

Lone person on beach

Missing people prefer to stay nearby

People who voluntarily go missing usually stay close to home, according to new research. Findings from the ESRC-funded project Geographies of Missing People were presented at the 1st International Conference on Missing Children and Adults, held in Southampton this week.

York flooding 2012

Misjudging the risk of extreme events

Both insurance buyers and insurance sellers frequently fail to assess risks accurately, according to new research. An ESRC-supported report concludes that when people make assessments about rare events, they often tend to misjudge a number of factors.


Cities sap our powers of concentration

New ESRC- funded research shows that if you live in an isolated rural area you are likely to concentrate better than if you live in a city.

Working mum

Working or shirking? Home-working and staff performance

An evaluation of home-working showed a dramatic increase in employee performance and reduction in staff turnover, according to findings from a team including Professor Nicholas Bloom from ESRC's Centre for Economic Performance.


Trust me - I'm a politician

Politicians will find it hard to persuade voters to trust them more because there's a big gap between the kinds of behaviour the two camps think of as unethical, according to new research.

Sun and wind turbines

Climate change downgrade in the recession

As we enter Climate Week, poll results have revealed that public concern about environmental issues and climate change has sunk to a 20-year low since the beginning of the global financial crisis.

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