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Screen help message

Staying safe online

The Visualisation and Other Methods of Expression (VOME) project developed new methods to raise public awareness about internet security, an issue highlighted with today's celebration of Safer Internet Day.

Charitable giving

More giving with more income

The amount that people give to charity is highly dependent on income, according to ESRC-supported research. Results from a game study suggests that donor level of income is vital in determining charitable donations.

Choice road sign

Researching risk in financial organisations

Research looking at how banks and other financial firms have begun to address the problems of risk culture has found that change is underway, with new programmes and experiments in risk management.

Beer bottles

Calling time on binge drinking

The Home Office has launched a consultation on measures to reduce alcohol consumption. But what are the most effective interventions? ESRC-funded researchers have explored the motivations and measures connected to binge drinking.

Frustrated worker

Where was I? The business cost of interruptions

Interruptions are a common phenomenon in the workplace, with office workers frequently distracted by the conversations of their chatty neighbours. New ESRC-funded research has found that being interrupted whilst reading caused on average a 17 per cent increase in reading time.

Football players

The changing minds of young footballers

ESRC-funded research has found that young football players can be at different stages of mental development, affecting their decision-making - with implications for football coaching methods.

Lone person on beach

Tracing the lives of missing persons

A new ESRC-funded project chronicles the stories of those who choose to disappear and become a missing person. The findings will be used to train police, inform government policy and design services to support those who disappear and their families.

Passport control

Attitudes towards immigration: hardening, but nuanced

A new survey shows that Brits have become less tolerant of immigration in general, but discerning between types of immigrants - corroborating findings from ESRC-funded research on public attitudes.

Talking on phone

Bottling it up or talking it over?

'Women talk, men bottle things up' is a popular stereotype. But it's not simply a gender divide; age, generation and class are also important in how we deal with emotional issues, according to recent research.

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