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Time and money

Paving the way for the Minimum Wage

ESRC-funded research provided crucial evidence for the introduction of a UK National Minimum Wage and was cited prior to minimum wage legislation in Hong Kong and Germany.

Industrial emissions

Benchmarking carbon emissions for business

Research on carbon accounting led to the development of international benchmarks for corporate performance, more than £500K of business investment and a spin-out company benchmarking over 1,000 companies.

Twitter on smartphone

Analysing business risks on social media

An ESRC internship led to the development of commercial software that can analyse social media comments about a company’s operations and products, revealing potential business risks.

City traffic

Making car manufacturing sustainable

Research into local, sustainable car manufacturing has led to the development of a new business model, adopted by manufacturing companies.

High street

Changing the face of the high street

Research by Professor Neil Wrigley and colleagues has helped transform thinking on food retail development, its role in sustaining viable town centres and the future of UK high streets.

Cheese packing

Helping small business grow

Lancaster University Management School has increased the productivity and sales of 250 local companies through its innovative Leading Enterprise and Development programme.

CCTV monitoring

Project management toolsets improved policing

New project management toolsets developed with the ESRC-funded Transformation Project helped Warwickshire Police launch new Automatic Number Plate Recognition schemes on time and budget – targeting vehicle-based criminality and solving a string of serious crimes.

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