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High street

Changing the face of the high street

Research by Professor Neil Wrigley and colleagues has helped transform thinking on food retail development, its role in sustaining viable town centres and the future of UK high streets.

Cheese packing

Helping small business grow

Lancaster University Management School has increased the productivity and sales of 250 local companies through its innovative Leading Enterprise and Development programme.

CCTV monitoring

Project management toolsets improved policing

New project management toolsets developed with the ESRC-funded Transformation Project helped Warwickshire Police launch new Automatic Number Plate Recognition schemes on time and budget – targeting vehicle-based criminality and solving a string of serious crimes.

Hotel sign

Managing emergencies in the hotel sector

An ESRC-funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership has provided robust risk management for InterContinental Hotels Group’s businesses around the world.

Workshop - flipboard

Improving adult social care in Cornwall

ESRC-funded research provided Cornwall Council with effective training tools for social care staff - improving adult care and leading to yearly cost savings of £80,000.


Enabling low cost loans

Analysis of customer data enabled the not-for-profit organisation Moneyline to offer loans to low-income customers, by providing more comprehensive risk assessments than traditional banks.


How our prisons perform

A study of public and private sector prisons by Professor Alison Liebling and Dr Ben Crewe influenced public and private sector bids for the prisons that are currently being market tested and changed management practices in prisons.

Woman carrying water

Promoting equality for aid workers

Project ADD-UP, a three-year research project examining differences in pay between local workers and expatriate workers, was instrumental in setting up the first global task force to tackle the issue.

Charity box

Reviewing gift aid and charitable giving

The Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy has contributed to research exploring proposals for reforming and simplifying tax-effective Gift Aid donations to UK charities.

Water pollution

Putting a price on nature

A methodology for assessing the economic value of freshwater and marine environmental systems has led to a more cost-benefit based approach to implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive in the UK.


New rules for welfare

A review of the welfare system to consider ways of enhancing employment, by Professor Paul Gregg from the Centre for Market and Public Organisation, informed the Department for Work and Pensions' white paper on welfare reform.


Putting skills into business

Research by the Centre on Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance has informed the English Skills Strategy and policies in Finland, Norway and Australia.

Studying scan images

More effective breast cancer care

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership enabled the charity Breast Cancer Care to plan services for groups of people with breast cancer who have traditionally been under-served.

No smoking sign

Health psychology helping business

The training and consultancy company Public Management Associates Ltd collaborated with Coventry University to develop in-house skills in health psychology and behaviour change, reducing commissioning costs and increasing profits.

Business presentation

Embedding marketing across activities

An integrated marketing strategy helped the charity Christian Education Movement to improve services, increase revenue and target potential areas of growth.

Talking on phone

The way we talk

An analysis of how people communicate across different media is feeding into BT's design process and products, providing important knowledge for development of future services.

Old printing press

New strategy for printers' charity

A printers' charity used a Knowledge Transfer Partnership to reshape its strategy and operations, in response to a transformed professional sector - radically improving customer service and reaching out to new members.

Time and money

Paving the way for the minimum wage

The work of the ESRC Centre for Economic Performance helped pave the way for the UK's National Minimum Wage, which has benefitted over 12 million workers.

Blackboard - education

School improvement saving expenses

New methodologies and pioneering survey software has helped Dorset County Council analyse school performance, improve services and save costs on data analysis.

Family on beach

Using research in family support

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Wakefield Family Services encouraged a culture shift towards using research to improve effectiveness, and the implementation of Research Governance Framework procedures.

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