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London experimental workshop

Professor Pablo Branas-Garza | 10 February 2014

The london experimental workshop (lew) proposes to start an inter-university seminar series in the london area between middlesex, queen mary and royal holloway universities. The workshop will work as a discussion platform in the area of experimental ...

Urban big data

Professor Piyushimita (Vonu) Thakuriah | Urban Geography | 30 January 2014

The urban big data research centre (ubdrc) will provide a unique facility for researching complex and cross-cutting urban issues such as transport, employment, migration, housing, education and social exclusion. The centre will bring together an inte ...

Collecting new time use resources (cntur)

Professor Jonathan Gershuny | Economic Sociology | 01 January 2014

This consists of a package of research and research-resource provision activities, comprising: a new uk national time diary study using the conventional methods proposed in the eurostat harmonised european time use study (hetus) guidelines for time ...


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Dual regression

Richard Spady | 23 April 2014 | Social Stats., Comp. & Methods | Seminar/workshop

Workshop on semi-parametric econometrics

Defining antitrust markets

Lars Nesheim | 23 April 2014 | Social Stats., Comp. & Methods | Book chapter

Chapter in "international handbook of competition"

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Promoting equality for aid workers

Case Study | 15 May 2011 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

Project add-up, a three-year research project examining differences in pay between local workers and expatriate workers, was instrumental in setting up the first global task force to tackle the issue.

New rules for welfare

Case Study | 14 May 2010 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

A review of the welfare system to consider ways of enhancing employment, by professor paul gregg from the centre for market and public organisation, informed the department for work and pensions' white paper on welfare reform.

Collaborating with business to help the unemployed

Case Study | 15 April 2010 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

Research on how 'section 106' planning agreements can help the long-term unemployed has resulted in a new methodology to evaluate employment initiatives.

Putting skills into business

Case Study | 15 February 2010 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

Research by the centre on skills, knowledge and organisational performance has informed the english skills strategy and policies in finland, norway and australia.

Paving the way for the minimum wage

Case Study | 12 January 2009 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

The work of the esrc centre for economic performance helped pave the way for the uk's national minimum wage, which has benefitted over 12 million workers.

Drive for safety

Case Study | 14 September 2006 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

A ktp partnership led to the development of a simulator for new bus drivers, a psychometric driver assessment, and safety guidelines at bus depots - resulting in substantial cost savings for arriva passenger services.

Training junior doctors

Case Study | 17 April 2006 | Academic, General public, Press/media, Public sector, Voluntary sector

A ktp partnership based at plymouth hospitals nhs trust established training practices for junior doctors and spearheaded the local medical workforce skills mix analysis group - leading to a successful bid for â£106k from the strategic change fund.


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Reduced workforce could reshape the public sector

Feature | 14 February 2014 | General public, Press/media, Public sector

Ifs research shows that the nature of the uk labour market could be dramatically transformed within the next five years if proposed reductions in general government employment were to be fully realised.

Better times for work life

Feature | 22 November 2013 | Business, General public, Press/media

"despite the recession there are signs that working life has improved in a number of respects for those who have been lucky enough to stay in work," says professor stephen wood, following first findings from the 2011 workplace employee relations surv ...

Long hours for working dads - but not as long as before

Feature | 17 June 2013 | General public, Press/media

Hard-working fathers in the uk are cutting their long hours, while mothers are working more, research by natcen social research and the university of east anglia suggests.

Rethinking pensions

Feature | 30 May 2013 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media

Six in ten people over the age of 50 in the uk have not considered how they will finance their retirement years – and a third of people approaching retirement do not know how much income they will receive from their private pensions, according to r ...

Finding the uk's biggest job creators

Feature | 21 May 2013 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media

One of the enterprise research centre’s newly published white papers concludes that both start-up companies and established businesses have rapid growth potential.

European survey shows work and wellbeing impact from recession

Feature | 22 April 2013 | General public, International, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

More pressure at work, increased job insecurity and less trust in political institutions are some of the impacts of the recession, according to a new report from the european social survey.

Muslim communities successfully integrating

Feature | 11 April 2013 | General public, International, Partnerships, Press/media, Schools

Muslim ethnic minority communities have been integrating into british and german cities for some time, according to research presented at the norface migration conference at university college london this week.

The economic legacy of mrs thatcher

Feature | 09 April 2013 | General public, Policymakers, Press/media

Nicholas crafts, professor of economics and economic history at the university of warwick and director of the esrc centre for competitive advantage in the global economy, examines how the economic policies of the thatcher era affected the uk economy. ...

Fuelling growth with public investments

Feature | 07 March 2013 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media

Professor david newberry argues that public investment in the right areas will fuel uk economic growth - with the short-term impact of giving work to domestic private companies who will create jobs.

Working or shirking? home-working and staff performance

Feature | 05 March 2013 | Business, General public, Press/media, Schools

An evaluation of home-working showed a dramatic increase in employee performance and reduction in staff turnover, according to findings from a team including professor nicholas bloom from esrc's centre for economic performance.

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Recession hits workplaces, but not employee attitudes

Press Release | 23 January 2013 | Academic, Business, Policymakers, Press/media, Public sector

According to the latest workplace employment relations study, the recession has had a profound impact on britain's workplaces. In many workplaces, managers have responded with changes in their staffing practices, with one third of employees seeing th ...

Avon helps lift african women out of poverty

Press Release | 02 July 2012 | Academic, Business, General public, International, Policymakers, Press/media, Voluntary sector

Becoming an avon cosmetics sales representative is helping some poor south african women escape poverty as well as inspiring many with self-confidence and hope according to new research funded by the economic and social research council (esrc).

Young people face double penalty in a slow job market

Press Release | 29 February 2012 | Academic, Business, Further education, General public, Partnerships, Policymakers, Press/media, Public sector, Schools

New research from understanding society, a study of more than 40,000 uk households, has examined what is driving this uneven employment pattern and finds that young people suffer from a ‘double-penalty’ in their attempts to find and keep a job.

Working mothers and the effects on children

Press Release | 22 July 2011 | Academic, Business, Further education, General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Public sector, Schools

Parents struggling to combine paid work with bringing up their children now have some positive news thanks to a new study funded by the economic and social research council (esrc) on maternal employment and child socio-emotional behaviour in the uk

Breaking the silence on aid workers salaries

Press Release | 18 May 2011 | Academic, International, Partnerships, Policymakers, Press/media, Voluntary sector

Research from a jointly funded project by the esrc and department for international development has been instrumental in setting up a new international task force to promote fair wages in aid organisations.

The uk maintains a positive outlook, despite the recession

Press Release | 03 March 2011 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media

A survey of households across the uk taken at the height of the recession in 2009 show 67 per cent of people in full-time work were living comfortably or doing allright and that unemployed people were broadly optimistic about their future prospects. ...

The first steps to understanding society

Press Release | 28 February 2011 | General public, Policymakers, Press/media

The first findings from the world’s largest study of households are now published. With data on our working lives, relationships, health, finances and neighbourhoods the understanding society publication gives an early taste of the social landscape o ...

Esrc report examines the pathway to economic recovery

Press Release | 27 January 2011 | Academic, Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

A new report released today (thursday 27 january) by the economic and social research council (esrc) provides a snapshot of what we know about our current economic situation and explores what can be learned by looking at evidence from economic and so ...

Seminar to showcase university's job crafting tool

Press Release | 09 March 2010 | Business, Press/media

Issues such as employee engagement and wellbeing will be the topic of a debate over tea and toast at the business breakfast seminar, staged by consultiwp.