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Time and money

Paving the way for the Minimum Wage

ESRC-funded research provided crucial evidence for the introduction of a UK National Minimum Wage and was cited prior to minimum wage legislation in Hong Kong and Germany.

Wheelchair pictogram

Helping disabled persons in the workplace

Findings about the levels of bullying of disabled people in the workplace have led to changes in policy, promoting equality and improving workplace environments.

Sexy boots

Regulation of the erotic dancing industry

Following co-operation with researchers at the University of Leeds, several local authorities have adopted specific 'good practice' procedures for the erotic dancing industry.

Woman carrying water

Promoting equality for aid workers

Project ADD-UP, a three-year research project examining differences in pay between local workers and expatriate workers, was instrumental in setting up the first global task force to tackle the issue.


New rules for welfare

A review of the welfare system to consider ways of enhancing employment, by Professor Paul Gregg from the Centre for Market and Public Organisation, informed the Department for Work and Pensions' white paper on welfare reform.


Putting skills into business

Research by the Centre on Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance has informed the English Skills Strategy and policies in Finland, Norway and Australia.

Doctor in hurry

Training junior doctors

A KTP Partnership based at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust established training practices for junior doctors and spearheaded the local Medical Workforce Skills Mix Analysis group - leading to a successful bid for £106k from the Strategic Change Fund.

Hospital staff

Healthcare with healthy living strategy

A collaboration between South Tyneside Healthcare NHS, the University of Teesside and the University of Sunderland led to substantial cost savings due to reduced sickness and stress-related absenteeism, and less staff turnover.

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