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Crop irrigation

Invest in skills, infrastructure and innovation, says growth commission

Investing in human capital, improving the national infrastructure, improving finance provision for private investment and innovation, and the creation of an independent National Growth Council are key recommendations in the final report from the LSE Growth Commission.

Pig farming

Getting pig meat to the market

The current model for supplying pig meat to UK consumers is ineffective and beset by a 'trader mentality' from leading supermarkets, and would benefit from more integrated ownership where companies have a vested interest throughout the supply chain, concludes a report from the ESRC-funded Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change.

Stock exchange

Leaving trading to the computers

Over one third of UK equity trading volume being generated through high-speed computer-automated trading, with little to no human involvement. The issue and Foresight report is being highlighted in an event hosted by the ESRC-funded Systemic Risk Centre today - 'The Future of Computer Trading in Financial Markets'.

Choice road sign

Researching risk in financial organisations

Research looking at how banks and other financial firms have begun to address the problems of risk culture has found that change is underway, with new programmes and experiments in risk management.


US presidential election: the issues at stake

As the US presidential election day has arrived, the ESRC Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)'s series of US election analyses offers insights into key election issues.

Chemistry lab worker

Using research for a competitive economy

The Heseltine review which is published today looks at ways of making the UK economy more competitive, including how research can boost business. ESRC-funded research has explored to what degree companies collaborate with university departments.

Frustrated worker

Where was I? The business cost of interruptions

Interruptions are a common phenomenon in the workplace, with office workers frequently distracted by the conversations of their chatty neighbours. New ESRC-funded research has found that being interrupted whilst reading caused on average a 17 per cent increase in reading time.

Happy mother and child

Too much money reduces life satisfaction

Research from the Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy shows that life satisfaction actually is reduced when a country's Gross Domestic Product increases beyond a certain level. The optimal economic level for life satisfaction lies between $26,000 and $30,000 of GDP per person.

House keys

Mortgage struggles less bad than predicted

A new Government report on mortgage arrears and repossessions, building on research from the ESRC-supported Spatial Economics Research Centre, suggests that the outlook for the next three years is less bleak than predicted.


Adult apprenticeships: quality or quantity?

Thirty per cent of apprentices in England are over 45 years old, due to the practice of 'converting' existing employees into apprentices. But adult apprentices are more likely to be experiencing a 'restrictive' apprenticeship, with little access to learning new skills and gaining knowledge.

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