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Cost-efficient service delivery in the public sector

The 'CLEAR IDEAS' innovation development model has improved cost-efficiency in service delivery for public sector organisations - leading to savings of £1.7 million for social care services in Sheffield.

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Improving IT systems for the public sector

New methodology involving users in the design of IT systems has led to substantial savings in local government and a redesign of the national Integrated Children's System.


Research evidence for the pupil premium

The Institute for Fiscal Studies and the ESRC Centre for the Microeconomic Analysis of Public Policy influenced the debate on the eventual shape of the 'pupil premium' scheme by confirming for policymakers that decisions made were based on solid analytical foundations.

CCTV monitoring

Project management toolsets improved policing

New project management toolsets developed with the ESRC-funded Transformation Project helped Warwickshire Police launch new Automatic Number Plate Recognition schemes on time and budget – targeting vehicle-based criminality and solving a string of serious crimes.

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Reforming the Portuguese VAT system

Recommendations by Professor Rita de la Feria led to reforms implemented in the Portugal’s 2012 State Budget which boosted the efficiency of tax and generated savings of 1.2 per cent GDP.

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Improving adult social care in Cornwall

ESRC-funded research provided Cornwall Council with effective training tools for social care staff - improving adult care and leading to yearly cost savings of £80,000.

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Improving the school league tables

Recommendations from the ESRC Centre for Market and Public Organisation (CMPO) to improve school league tables were adopted by the Department for Education and implemented in 2011.

Primary school children

Social science impact on the Sure Start initiative

Social science underpinned by ESRC support played a major role in establishing and delivering the Government's Sure Start initiative in 1999, which aimed to provide integrated early years services for disadvantaged groups.

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Shaping long-term care funding in England

An ESRC research project modelling future trends for UK's ageing population proved pivotal in providing research evidence for the Government's reform of social care funding in England.

Data flow

Better use of hospital data

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership project improved data gathering, performance monitoring and service management for NHS Middlesbrough and NHS Redcar and Cleveland, enhancing local Quality and Outcome Frameworks.

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School improvement saving expenses

New methodologies and pioneering survey software has helped Dorset County Council analyse school performance, improve services and save costs on data analysis.

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Using research in family support

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Wakefield Family Services encouraged a culture shift towards using research to improve effectiveness, and the implementation of Research Governance Framework procedures.


Quality in staff performance

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership between Bath and North East Somerset Primary Care Trust and the University of Bath has helped to develop improved performance management systems for staff, along with new management training courses.

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Explaining surgery risks to patients

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership improved University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire's communication with patients - explaining more effectively the risks of invasive procedures.


Reduced costs for patient transport

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership between York Hospitals NHS Trust and Manchester Business School is expected to produce substantial savings in patient transport - over £120K annually in contract costs and over £200K in ad-hoc transport.

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Training junior doctors

A KTP Partnership based at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust established training practices for junior doctors and spearheaded the local Medical Workforce Skills Mix Analysis group - leading to a successful bid for £106k from the Strategic Change Fund.


Waste management

Research led by Professor Simin Davoudi investigating how policy and political pressures are influencing current processes across England have been central to new government guidance on waste policy.

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Better care for the critically ill

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership helped hospital staff in the care of critically ill patients, developing a new model of care and improved data reporting.

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Healthcare with healthy living strategy

A collaboration between South Tyneside Healthcare NHS, the University of Teesside and the University of Sunderland led to substantial cost savings due to reduced sickness and stress-related absenteeism, and less staff turnover.

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