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Project helps charities evaluate their outreach work

A new ESRC-funded project is improving opportunities for children in London. Project Oracle: Children and Youth Evidence Hub is helping charities evaluate their outreach work, so that money can go towards those projects that have the most impact.

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Second wave of data from large-scale survey

The second full set of data from the Understanding Society survey has been released, marking a milestone in the extensive longitudinal research project covering 30,500 households.

Charitable giving

More giving with more income

The amount that people give to charity is highly dependent on income, according to ESRC-supported research. Results from a game study suggests that donor level of income is vital in determining charitable donations.

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Football: making the pitch greener

With a new football season coming up, environmental concerns may not be the first thing fans will be thinking of. But research shows how social responsibility and green practices might be the next big goal for football clubs.

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The art of fundraising

Despite much focus on how people donate to charitable causes, there has been much less research on fundraisers and how their personal skills affect the performance. The research project 'The Formation of Fundraisers: the role of personal skills in asking for money' will interview fundraisers and volunteers who have raised significant sums to explore what makes a successful 'asker'.

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Power to the people

The vision of active local communities, reinvigorated and empowered by engaged residents, is at the heart of the drive for ‘Big Society’.

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