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Old couple

Retired couples keep standard of living

Most couples who have retired over the last decade have enough wealth to maintain their previous standard of living, according to IFS findings.

Elderly man in wheelchair

A design for later life

By working with and learning from people in later life good design can contribute to the wellbeing of older people.

Old woman in park

Rethinking pensions

Six in ten people over the age of 50 in the UK have not considered how they will finance their retirement years – and a third of people approaching retirement do not know how much income they will receive from their private pensions, according to research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Crowd in street

The demographic push to democracy

When life spans increase, people become more concerned with their rights, pushing societies towards democracy, argues Tim Dyson of the London School of Economics. While this demographic transition has taken 200 years in Europe, China might be through this change by 2030.


Health of mummies revealed by 'Digging into Data'

New research on mummies challenges the conventional belief that fatty arteries are caused by unhealthy lifestyles. The study came about through the Digging into Data Challenge, a research initiative co-funded by the ESRC.

Open pill glass

More drugs dispensed in care homes

The dispensing of mood-altering drugs to older people in Northern Ireland increase after they move into care homes, according to research at the Centre of Excellence for Public Health Northern Ireland, co-funded by the ESRC.

Old couple

Massive pensions shortfall looming for unaware over-50s

A report launched today by the Institute for Fiscal Studies and co-funded by the ESRC reveals that a third of those approaching retirement report that they find it impossible even to guess how much income they will receive from their private pensions.

Elderly couple

Happy relationships may help you keep fit

Stable, nurturing relationships may help you stay fit and healthy, according to new ESRC-funded research. The study found that being in supportive relationships with low levels of conflicts and stress may help some individuals keep slim and physically active.

Toilet map

Putting toilets on the map with open data

The Great British Public Toilet Map has been developed as part of an ESRC-funded research project Tackling Ageing Continence through Theory Tools and Technology (TACT3), automatically tracking councils' open data on public toilet facilities and displaying the information online.

Old hands

The future of social care

The Government's White Paper on care and support, published Wednesday, presents a number of 'key actions' to meet care needs for the elderly over the next decade. The ESRC-supported Institute for Fiscal Studies has examined different scenarios for the funding of social care in the future.

Poor woman

Older people struggling in market economy

After the break-up of the Soviet Union and the transition to a market-led economy, many older people in Central Asia and the Caucasus live in poverty and experience economic hardship, disruption to family life and reduced state services.

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