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Sleeping baby

Infant sleep guidance and information

Professor Helen Ball provided important input to the Infant Sleep Information Source project and contributed to the re-evaluation of guidance to parents, clinical and public health policy.

Workshop - flipboard

Improving adult social care in Cornwall

ESRC-funded research provided Cornwall Council with effective training tools for social care staff - improving adult care and leading to yearly cost savings of £80,000.


Targeting the 'hard to reach' homeless

A review by Dr Sarah Johnsen at the University of York and the charity Crisis on the effectiveness of housing models has directly shaped development of the 'Housing First' pilot project in the UK.

Cigarette in ashtray

Helping smokers and non-smokers

Research by Professor Peter Hajek at the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies (UKCTCS) was a key part of a US consultation on Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Professor Marcus Munafo' s findings were used in support for tobacco packaging legislation in Australia.

Girl looking out

Boosting resilience for young people

Resilient Therapy, a successful resilience-boosting practice developed through ESRC-funded research by Professor Angie Hart, has been embedded in two community organisations.

Parent and child

Indicators for children's life chances

Data from the Millennium Cohort Study were used extensively by the Independent Review on Poverty and Life Chances, commissioned by the Government in 2010.

Elderly patient

Shaping long-term care funding in England

An ESRC research project modelling future trends for UK's ageing population proved pivotal in providing research evidence for the Government's reform of social care funding in England.

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