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Opinion: Breast benefits

Why does Britain have such low rates of breastfeeding compared with countries such as Norway and Sweden? Amanda Sacker, Professor of Lifecourse Studies, explores why an earlier increase in breastfeeding recently has stalled.

School meal

Free lunch improving school results

The ESRC-funded Institute for Fiscal Studies has participated in research which confirms that free school meals seem to increase attainment. The Government has recently announced that free school lunches will be introduced for all pupils at infant schools in England from next September.

Grandfather and child

More childcare for grandparents

The number of children looked after by grandparents, and the length of time that grandparents spend on childcare is rising according to a study using data from the ESRC-funded Understanding Society survey.

Schoolgirl studying

Children's brain power affected by bedtimes

Not having a set bedtime may disrupt healthy brain development in children, according to a study in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health which draws on ESRC-funded research.

Happy mother and child

Preparing for motherhood

Considerable research on women's experiences of motherhood has been undertaken over the past 30 years, while women's lives and maternity services have changed dramatically. Several ESRC-funded studies have explored factors influencing modern motherhood.

Story time

Teaching complex language through storytelling

A pioneering ESRC study by linguistics researchers has shown that 'story time' in primary schools can be used as a subtle way to introduce complex language structures to young children.

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