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Exploring child's play

A review of past and ongoing research into children's play, co-funded by the ESRC with Unilever, has explored issues around various types of play.


Involving people with dementia in research

While the ongoing Dementia Awareness Week is highlighting the challenges of the condition, new participants are signing up to a major ESRC-funded dementia research project.


Opinion: Breast benefits

Why does Britain have such low rates of breastfeeding compared with countries such as Norway and Sweden? Amanda Sacker, Professor of Lifecourse Studies, explores why an earlier increase in breastfeeding recently has stalled.

Cravings exhibition

Exploring our taste for food

Cravings: Can Your Food Control You?, a new exhibition at the Science Museum supported by the ESRC, explores how the food we eat affects our body, brain and eating habits.

Chicken farm

Safe to eat?

Food safety is in the news, but is the answer simply better regulation and law enforcement or do we need to think again about the conditions under which the food we eat is produced? Steve Hinchliffe, John Allen and Stephanie Lavau explain why chickens suggest an answer.

Wheelchair pictogram

Dealing with disability in developing countries

The ESRC-funded research project Social Protection and Disability: Policy Lessons from Vietnam is looking at how people with disabilities are supported through social protection programmes.


Happy families

Legislation to promote flexible working arrangements may be benefitting family relationships. A survey shows that flexible working has improved work-life balance for many people.

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