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Olympic Stadium (Photo: London 2012)

Olympic impact

On 9 September 2012, six weeks of Olympic and Paralympic frenzy came to a close in London's Olympic park, marking the beginning of a legacy set to last decades. There is little in the way of precedent for such huge projects – so how can we better understand their successes, challenges, and impacts?

Comforting hand

Caring for cancer patients

The NCRI Supportive and Palliative Care research initiative has had an impact across several areas – including new clinical guidelines into practice, new assessment tools for practice and research, more patient involvement and increased research interest.

Eating pizza and watching TV

Stark levels of physical inactivity

Research findings from the ESRC Centre for Market and Public Organisation, and Monash, RMIT Melbourne and Lancaster universities, show high levels of physical inactivity in the English population.

Couple in bed

More partners, less sex: UK sexuality uncovered

We debut early and carry on into older age, but have sex less often than before, according to findings on Brits' sexual behaviour from the third NATSAL survey. However, the frequency of sex for has fallen from over six times to just under five per month over the past decade.


Saving on food, losing on health

A new ESRC-funded study from the Institute for Fiscal Studies shows we are saving on food costs by switching to cheaper calories - which usually means more sugary or fatty foods.

Cigarette in ashtray

Cutting the smoking habit

The annual NHS Stoptober campaign has been launched, helping smokers to quit through a month-long programme. Research shows the challenges of developing effective programmes to quit smoking, the links between smoking and low income, and secondary smoking motivations such as weight control.

School meal

Free lunch improving school results

The ESRC-funded Institute for Fiscal Studies has participated in research which confirms that free school meals seem to increase attainment. The Government has recently announced that free school lunches will be introduced for all pupils at infant schools in England from next September.

Smoking cannabis

The pros and cons of legalising cannabis

Legalising cannabis would bring both benefits and disadvantages - but the current debate is much too limited, argues a report from the Institute for Social and Economic Research; there is a lack of hard evidence, and few of the most vocal participants take a sufficiently broad perspective.

School bullies

Lifelong impact from childhood bullying

Serious illness, struggling to hold down a regular job and poor social relationships are some of the negative outcomes in adulthood facing those who were victim of bullying in childhood.

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