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Happy working

More job satisfaction despite recession

The recession has had a profound impact on Britain's workplaces - but findings from the Workplace Employment Relations Study show that parts of working life have actually improved since the survey was last conducted in 2004.

Monkeys in city

Protecting people against animal disease

Fieldwork is beginning in a unique study which puts social scientists at the heart of disease prevention. The ESRC-funded Dynamic Drivers of Disease in Africa Consortium will study 'zoonotic' diseases – those which can be transmitted to humans from wild animals and livestock.

Old couple

Massive pensions shortfall looming for unaware over-50s

A report launched today by the Institute for Fiscal Studies and co-funded by the ESRC reveals that a third of those approaching retirement report that they find it impossible even to guess how much income they will receive from their private pensions.

Beer bottles

Calling time on binge drinking

The Home Office has launched a consultation on measures to reduce alcohol consumption. But what are the most effective interventions? ESRC-funded researchers have explored the motivations and measures connected to binge drinking.


US presidential election: the issues at stake

As the US presidential election day has arrived, the ESRC Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)'s series of US election analyses offers insights into key election issues.

Elderly couple

Happy relationships may help you keep fit

Stable, nurturing relationships may help you stay fit and healthy, according to new ESRC-funded research. The study found that being in supportive relationships with low levels of conflicts and stress may help some individuals keep slim and physically active.

City park

Making cities pedestrian-friendly

The PARC study, funded through the ESRC-supported National Prevention Research Initiative, has analysed the effect and 'walkability' of pedestrian-friendly spaces in East Belfast.

Lone person on beach

Tracing the lives of missing persons

A new ESRC-funded project chronicles the stories of those who choose to disappear and become a missing person. The findings will be used to train police, inform government policy and design services to support those who disappear and their families.

Happy mother and child

Too much money reduces life satisfaction

Research from the Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy shows that life satisfaction actually is reduced when a country's Gross Domestic Product increases beyond a certain level. The optimal economic level for life satisfaction lies between $26,000 and $30,000 of GDP per person.

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