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Elderly couple

Happy relationships may help you keep fit

Stable, nurturing relationships may help you stay fit and healthy, according to new ESRC-funded research. The study found that being in supportive relationships with low levels of conflicts and stress may help some individuals keep slim and physically active.

City park

Making cities pedestrian-friendly

The PARC study, funded through the ESRC-supported National Prevention Research Initiative, has analysed the effect and 'walkability' of pedestrian-friendly spaces in East Belfast.

Lone person on beach

Tracing the lives of missing persons

A new ESRC-funded project chronicles the stories of those who choose to disappear and become a missing person. The findings will be used to train police, inform government policy and design services to support those who disappear and their families.

Happy mother and child

Too much money reduces life satisfaction

Research from the Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy shows that life satisfaction actually is reduced when a country's Gross Domestic Product increases beyond a certain level. The optimal economic level for life satisfaction lies between $26,000 and $30,000 of GDP per person.

Talking on phone

Bottling it up or talking it over?

'Women talk, men bottle things up' is a popular stereotype. But it's not simply a gender divide; age, generation and class are also important in how we deal with emotional issues, according to recent research.

Old hands

The future of social care

The Government's White Paper on care and support, published Wednesday, presents a number of 'key actions' to meet care needs for the elderly over the next decade. The ESRC-supported Institute for Fiscal Studies has examined different scenarios for the funding of social care in the future.


Improving services for the homeless

Many homeless people with complex needs do not receive the support they need from agencies, a recently completed research project suggests.

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