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Improving surgical training

Findings from research on how surgeons interact are being used to improve surgical training, and implemented In 'Training the trainers' surgical courses.

Surgery instruments

The human element of surgery

A new tool assessing the quality of team-related behaviours of the core members of an operating theatre team has been mandated for national use by the National Patient Safety Agency and implemented in several other countries.

Studying scan images

More effective breast cancer care

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership enabled the charity Breast Cancer Care to plan services for groups of people with breast cancer who have traditionally been under-served.

Crowd in street

Local healthcare with geodemographics

Research using geographic information systems and geodemographics helped Camden Primary Care Trust target health campaigns, leading to significant savings.

Doctor in hurry

Training junior doctors

A KTP Partnership based at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust established training practices for junior doctors and spearheaded the local Medical Workforce Skills Mix Analysis group - leading to a successful bid for £106k from the Strategic Change Fund.


Effective operating theatres

More efficient scheduling led to estimated cost savings of over £400,000 a year at the Manchester Royal Infirmary by enabling 700 extra operations to be performed each year, reducing cancellations and over-runs.

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