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Involving people with dementia in research

While the ongoing Dementia Awareness Week is highlighting the challenges of the condition, new participants are signing up to a major ESRC-funded dementia research project.

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Dealing with disability in developing countries

The ESRC-funded research project Social Protection and Disability: Policy Lessons from Vietnam is looking at how people with disabilities are supported through social protection programmes.

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Caring for cancer patients

The NCRI Supportive and Palliative Care research initiative has had an impact across several areas – including new clinical guidelines into practice, new assessment tools for practice and research, more patient involvement and increased research interest.


A better life with dementia

People with dementia can still make decisions in their everyday lives, and with support from partners can continue to do so as their condition advances, research from the ESRC suggests.


Female surgeons: cutting the gender gap

Despite more women than men studying at UK medical schools, women are far less likely than male colleagues to pursue a career in surgery. ESRC-funded researchers have partnered with RCS and surgical society Scalpel to encourage women to become surgeons.

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More drugs dispensed in care homes

The dispensing of mood-altering drugs to older people in Northern Ireland increase after they move into care homes, according to research at the Centre of Excellence for Public Health Northern Ireland, co-funded by the ESRC.


US presidential election: the issues at stake

As the US presidential election day has arrived, the ESRC Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)'s series of US election analyses offers insights into key election issues.

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The future of social care

The Government's White Paper on care and support, published Wednesday, presents a number of 'key actions' to meet care needs for the elderly over the next decade. The ESRC-supported Institute for Fiscal Studies has examined different scenarios for the funding of social care in the future.


NHS: Healthy competition

Professor Carol Propper of the ESRC Centre for Market and Public Organisation assesses the impact of competition between suppliers on the healthcare system

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'Fat tax' ineffective in countering obesity

Taxing unhealthy foods in a bid to persuade people to eat a better diet would be an ineffective way of tackling obesity. A study of inequalities in diet and health concludes that a so-called 'fat tax' would hit the poor hardest while failing to produce any significant health benefits.

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Award-winning drilling in virtual teeth

A tooth drilling simulator part-funded by the ESRC has been awarded the prestigious BETT award for Innovation in ICT. The simulator enables dentist students to practice on virtual 3D teeth - without the pain of real patients.

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Research boosting health policies

Public health policies have been hampered by the lack of good research evidence to design and implement effective initiatives. Research by the ESRC-funded Centre for the Development and Evaluation of Complex Interventions for Public Health Improvement has examined health policy initiatives in Wales.


NHS reform bill: what the research says

The Health and Social Care Bill proposes wide-reaching changes to the NHS. ESRC-funded research has examined how increased competition and changes in management could affect the health service.

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