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Sexy boots

Regulation of the erotic dancing industry

Following co-operation with researchers at the University of Leeds, several local authorities have adopted specific 'good practice' procedures for the erotic dancing industry.


Targeting the 'hard to reach' homeless

A review by Dr Sarah Johnsen at the University of York and the charity Crisis on the effectiveness of housing models has directly shaped development of the 'Housing First' pilot project in the UK.

Cigarette in ashtray

Helping smokers and non-smokers

Research by Professor Peter Hajek at the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies (UKCTCS) was a key part of a US consultation on Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Professor Marcus Munafo' s findings were used in support for tobacco packaging legislation in Australia.

Indian old man

Raising awareness of India's elderly

Research from the New Dynamics of Ageing programme is highlighting the contributions and needs of India's older population to policymakers.

Picking syringe

Reducing drug risk

A collaborative CASE studentship between the University of Plymouth and Plymouth Drug and Alcohol Action Team has influenced new drug-related policy and practice.


Decision-making in rape trials

Research on biased jury decisions in rape trials informed Home Office legislation review and judicial assessments in New Zealand.

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