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Smiling man

Resilience amongst the long term ill

People who have a long term debilitating physical illness demonstrate mental resilience according to Understanding Society. The first findings reveal that people diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, respiratory or cardiovascular disease report similar mental health scores to those without physical illness.

Father holding child hand

Fathers find financial crisis hits family life

The ESRC-funded research study 'Changing Lives and Times' has explored the impact of the financial crisis on the daily lives and future plans of new fathers, finding that several men were making significant life changes.

Teacher and pupil

Teachers need greater awareness of language disorders

Greater awareness of 'specific language impairment' (SLI) is needed to ensure better outcomes for the 3-6 per cent of UK school children affected by this disability, which may have a greater impact on children than dyslexia.

Homeless Man

Resettlement is a positive move for homeless people

Resettlement services over the last few years have helped many homeless people make positive changes in their lives. The largest study in the UK of the resettlement of single homeless people has found that 81 per cent were still living independently 18 months after being re-housed.

Smiling mum and daughter

Mum’s the word when it comes to children’s happiness

Young people's satisfaction with their family situation is clearly related to the quality of relationships with parents and especially their mother’s happiness. The research findings come from the first findings from Understanding Society, the world’s largest household panel study managed by the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER) at the University of Essex.

Woman holding face

Look at me!

Findings from the project entitled 'Look at me! Images of Women and Ageing' have revealed the complexity of women's feelings about the images of ageing. These findings are presented in various exhibitions in Sheffield, which runs from 9 March to 15 April.


The better off sleep better

The employed and self-employed enjoy much better sleep than those out of work, according to Understanding Society, the world’s largest longitudinal household study. One in ten people report taking sleeping medication (eg sleeping pills) on three or more nights a week.

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