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Dealing with disability in developing countries

The ESRC-funded research project Social Protection and Disability: Policy Lessons from Vietnam is looking at how people with disabilities are supported through social protection programmes.

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Rethinking pensions

Six in ten people over the age of 50 in the UK have not considered how they will finance their retirement years – and a third of people approaching retirement do not know how much income they will receive from their private pensions, according to research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

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The demographic push to democracy

When life spans increase, people become more concerned with their rights, pushing societies towards democracy, argues Tim Dyson of the London School of Economics. While this demographic transition has taken 200 years in Europe, China might be through this change by 2030.

David Bell

Scotland's welfare challenge

Whether independent or devolved from the UK, Scotland is set to gain more control over welfare spending – but politicians have not engaged with the challenging issues of welfare spending in the future, warns Professor David Bell, a Future of the UK and Scotland Fellow.

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Massive pensions shortfall looming for unaware over-50s

A report launched today by the Institute for Fiscal Studies and co-funded by the ESRC reveals that a third of those approaching retirement report that they find it impossible even to guess how much income they will receive from their private pensions.

Old hands

The future of social care

The Government's White Paper on care and support, published Wednesday, presents a number of 'key actions' to meet care needs for the elderly over the next decade. The ESRC-supported Institute for Fiscal Studies has examined different scenarios for the funding of social care in the future.


Improving services for the homeless

Many homeless people with complex needs do not receive the support they need from agencies, a recently completed research project suggests.

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Power to the people

The vision of active local communities, reinvigorated and empowered by engaged residents, is at the heart of the drive for ‘Big Society’.

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