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Referendum reflections

Feature | 27 October 2014 | Academic, Business, General public, International, Policymakers, Press/media

As the dust settles after the momentous referendum on scotland’s independence, academics involved with the esrc future of the uk and scotland programme evaluate what the referendum result means for scotland and the rest of the uk.

The great war and the myths

Feature | 04 August 2014 | General public, Press/media, Schools

A report from the esrc centre for competitive advantage in the global economy (cage) at the university of warwick has analysed common myths around causes and events of the great war.

The uk, the world and the people

Feature | 11 July 2014 | General public, International, Press/media, Schools

The world's population has reached 7. 2 billion and counting, today on world population day. Dr jakub bijak of the esrc centre for population change looks at future population trends in the uk and abroad.

Europe - a lion or an elephant?

Feature | 23 May 2014 | General public, International, Press/media

A mass survey of 30,000 eu citizens has found that european identity is strong – and getting stronger, particularly amongst younger people.

Choosing wisely

Feature | 03 April 2014 | General public, International, Policymakers, Press/media

Professor anand menon, research co-ordinator for the esrc initiative on 'the uk in a changing europe', discusses the uk’s complicated relationship with europe and the possible outcomes of a referendum on eu membership.

Euro expectations

Feature | 17 January 2014 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

Why was the euro introduced without establishing other institutions associated with a successful monetary union?

Questions of independence

Feature | 18 September 2013 | General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

Today we’re one year away from the referendum on scottish independence, and the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ camps are drawing up the battle lines. But in the great debate some issues are less discussed than others.

The syrian refugee crisis

Feature | 16 September 2013 | General public, International, Press/media, Schools

The crisis in syria has led to a huge stream of refugees fleeing the country. "the scale and pace of this mass exodus is nearly unprecedented," says dr jakub bijak at the esrc centre for population change.

Syria and intervention: the pragmatic public

Feature | 29 August 2013 | General public, International, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

Polls currently show the public opposed to british military action in syria by a margin of two to one. Esrc-funded research suggests that the public is pragmatic about military intervention, and will support it - if they are convinced it will work, a ...

The battle for helmand

Feature | 17 July 2013 | General public, International, Policymakers, Press/media

How the taliban returned to afghanistan and why they have proved so difficult to defeat is the subject of a ground-breaking study building on partnership for conflict, crime and security research, carried out by professor theo farrell and dr antonio ...

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Supporting justice for bosnian war crime victims

Case Study | 04 July 2014 | General public, International, Press/media

An esrc-funded project has helped strengthen the links between legal processes and war crime victims in bosnia, supporting transparency and legitimacy for the state court of bosnia and herzegovina.

Rewriting global population forecasts

Case Study | 05 June 2014 | General public, International, Press/media

In-depth research by dr stuart basten into asian fertility helped convince the united nations to revise its influential forecasts on future population trends, with particularly large effects for pacific asian economies.

Helping governments reduce poverty

Case Study | 05 June 2014 | General public, International, Press/media, Voluntary sector

An innovative method for measuring multidimensional poverty is helping governments and organisations globally to design more effective poverty-reduction programmes.

Streamlining military operations

Case Study | 19 September 2011 | General public, Press/media

As a consequence of a review by partnership for conflict, crime and security research (paccs) fellow professor theo farrell, programme management of reconstruction in afghanistan has been strengthened and support to district stabilisation teams impro ...

Security in war-torn countries

Case Study | 15 June 2008 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

Research on security risks in post-conflict countries has led to significant input to the prime minister's africa commission, the world bank and the un secretary-general's high level panel on security.

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Science and security programme launched

Press Release | 04 March 2013 | Academic, International, Policymakers

The rcuk global uncertainties programme is pleased to announce the start of the new â£2. 1 million science and security programme.

Social movements can change the developing world

Press Release | 10 October 2012 | Academic, International, Policymakers, Press/media

In the developing world minority social movements who oppose projects they regard as inappropriate and exploitative can be effective. Research jointly supported by the economic and social research council (esrc) and department of international develo ...

Ending refugees’ exile

Press Release | 17 June 2012 | General public, International, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools, Voluntary sector

Often refugees cannot just return to their home country when conflict ends. Research funded by the economic and social research council (esrc) shows that for many refugees a quick return isn't the right answer.

What does scottish independence really mean?

Press Release | 21 July 2011 | Academic, Business, General public, International, Policymakers, Press/media, Public sector

Following the victory of the scottish national party (snp) in the recent scottish elections on may 5, a unique in-depth survey of the entire snp membership conducted throughout 2008, funded by the economic and social research council (esrc), reveals ...

Urban conflict and divided cities

Press Release | 12 May 2011 | Academic, Business, International, Policymakers, Press/media

Urban conflict is nothing new in cities like belfast, jerusalem and major cities in the middle east. An international conference at queens’s university in belfast explores how cities have been shaped by ethnic, religious and national conflicts.

Government overseas aid is no bar to individual giving

Press Release | 13 December 2009 | Policymakers, Press/media

Greater government aid to overseas development charities does not discourage individual giving, according to new research funded by the economic and social research council (esrc). Fears that increasing government grants would serve to 'crowd out' do ...

Experts discuss disease-fight dollars for developing world

Press Release | 09 April 2009 | Business, Policymakers, Press/media

The debate over how to spend the hundreds of millions of dollars earmarked to fight aids and other killer diseases in developing countries will come under the spotlight at a meeting of international experts today (april 6).


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Public opinion and the syrian crisis in three democracies

Dr Thomas Scotto | 01 January 2014

Recent horrific events in syria have shocked politicians and publics alike. They also have played a key role demonstrating the importance of public opinion in foreign policy-making.   emphasising the effects of public opinion on foreign policy c ...

Urban gateways: can global cities provide leadership for global governance?

Dr Michele Acuto | Internat. Studies & Relations | 02 December 2013

What does ‘city leadership’ entail in an increasingly networked global scenario? how do city leaders respond to global challenges and contribute to global governance? how are they influenced by city- to-city networking? how does city lead ...

Counter-piracy governance: a praxiographic analysis

Dr Christian Bueger | Security Studies | 09 November 2013

Maritime piracy is  back on the agenda of world politics. How is the international community responding to piracy and what makes it so difficult to address the problem? this three year research project analyses the international response to cont ...


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Key findings - esj0220631

Mark Webber | 13 January 2015 | Internat. Studies & Relations | End of Grant Report

Key findings - esj0220631

Impact report esj0045961

Daniel Stevens | 30 September 2014 | Political Science | End of Grant Report

Impact report esj0045961

The problem of weak nuclear states

William Walker | 02 May 2014 | Journal article

Co-authored by nicholas j. Wheeler. Governments are increasingly recognizing the problem posed by internally weak nuclear-capable states. The problem, however, is under-theorized. This article brings together literature on sovereignty and internation ...