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Open justice for secret evidence

Amendments to the Justice and Security Act 2013 following Dr Lawrence McNamara’s recommendations helped to ensure a better balance between national security and the principles of fair and open justice.

Wall graffiti

Tackling Northern Ireland's flag problem

Research on how flag use affects tension between communities in Northern Ireland has transformed understanding and fed into reconciliation strategies.


Research evidence for the pupil premium

The Institute for Fiscal Studies and the ESRC Centre for the Microeconomic Analysis of Public Policy influenced the debate on the eventual shape of the 'pupil premium' scheme by confirming for policymakers that decisions made were based on solid analytical foundations.

High street

Changing the face of the high street

Research by Professor Neil Wrigley and colleagues has helped transform thinking on food retail development, its role in sustaining viable town centres and the future of UK high streets.

Meeting room

Bringing academic insight to Northern Ireland talks

ESRC Fellow Dr Jonny Byrne's six month placement provided the Northern Ireland Office with a unique resource for analysing and understanding the contentious issues and challenges under discussion in the 2013 Haass Talks.

Euro coin

Reforming the Portuguese VAT system

Recommendations by Professor Rita de la Feria led to reforms implemented in the Portugal’s 2012 State Budget which boosted the efficiency of tax and generated savings of 1.2 per cent GDP.

Primary school children

Social science impact on the Sure Start initiative

Social science underpinned by ESRC support played a major role in establishing and delivering the Government's Sure Start initiative in 1999, which aimed to provide integrated early years services for disadvantaged groups.

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