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The 'Britishness' of Gibraltar

Gibraltarians' sense of Britishness had changed profoundly, and are now at least as likely to celebrate a specifically Gibraltarian identity as a British one. New ESRC-funded research will be exploring the ethnic identity of the people of Gibraltar.

Muslim woman

Muslim communities successfully integrating

Muslim ethnic minority communities have been integrating into British and German cities for some time, according to research presented at the NORFACE Migration Conference at University College London this week.

Bangladeshi woman

Healthier living: Cardiff or Bangladesh?

A comparison of Bangladeshi women living in Cardiff and in Bangladesh shows poorer health among those living in Cardiff, with considerably more obesity. A less active lifestyle and a more unhealthy diet are the main reasons.

Indian student

'Study hard, aim high' for working class British Asians

A recent ESRC study found that many working-class ethnic minority families are inspiring their children to be high educational achievers – even if the parents have had very little education themselves.

Veiled woman

The fashion of faith

The market of 'modest fashion' is growing ever larger, with women - mostly for religious reasons - using mainstream fashion to achieve their definition of modesty.

Census form

Making sense of the census

The 'stock take' of UK residents on census day Sunday 27 March provides valuable data for social scientists.

Medical check-up

The ethnicity of heart disease

Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death in the UK, and new research based on longitudinal studies shows how people from some ethnic backgrounds are more at risk than others.

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