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Same-sex couple

Same-sex partnerships: commitment above rights

The House of Lords has voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage. ESRC-funded research suggests that couples enter into civil partnership to express commitment to their relationship, rather than legal 'rights' and protections.


Female surgeons: cutting the gender gap

Despite more women than men studying at UK medical schools, women are far less likely than male colleagues to pursue a career in surgery. ESRC-funded researchers have partnered with RCS and surgical society Scalpel to encourage women to become surgeons.

Muslim woman

Muslim communities successfully integrating

Muslim ethnic minority communities have been integrating into British and German cities for some time, according to research presented at the NORFACE Migration Conference at University College London this week.

Crowd in street

The demographic push to democracy

When life spans increase, people become more concerned with their rights, pushing societies towards democracy, argues Tim Dyson of the London School of Economics. While this demographic transition has taken 200 years in Europe, China might be through this change by 2030.

David Bell

Scotland's welfare challenge

Whether independent or devolved from the UK, Scotland is set to gain more control over welfare spending – but politicians have not engaged with the challenging issues of welfare spending in the future, warns Professor David Bell, a Future of the UK and Scotland Fellow.

Indian student

'Study hard, aim high' for working class British Asians

A recent ESRC study found that many working-class ethnic minority families are inspiring their children to be high educational achievers – even if the parents have had very little education themselves.

Butler with tray

The life of a servant: less Downton, more downtrodden

Servant lives a century ago consisted of backbreaking work, long hours, low pay and often complete segregation from their superiors, says Dr Pamela Cox, Director of the ESRC Doctoral Training Centre at Essex University and presenter of a new BBC series.

Crowd in street

Population 56 million - and counting

The newly published figures from the 2011 census show that the population of England and Wales increased with 7 per cent – 3.7 million – over the last decade. This is the largest jump in population figures since the first census in 1801.

Crowd of people

Counting without the census

With a more mobile population and more complex households and ways people live, it becomes more difficult to capture changes in society with the traditional census. New methods for collecting population information are now being considered.

University faculty

The university effect

Universities have a significant impact on local regions - from increasing local employment, to students moving into residential areas, to boosting nightlife, to altering the whole image of a town, according to ESRC-funded research.

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