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Crowd of people

Counting without the census

With a more mobile population and more complex households and ways people live, it becomes more difficult to capture changes in society with the traditional census. New methods for collecting population information are now being considered.

University faculty

The university effect

Universities have a significant impact on local regions - from increasing local employment, to students moving into residential areas, to boosting nightlife, to altering the whole image of a town, according to ESRC-funded research.


Jobless immigrants prefer to leave

Research shows that labour migrants leave the country relatively quickly if they are out of work. "A substantial proportion of immigrants leave the host country eventually, and many do so within 24 months," concludes a NORFACE report.

Hafod Copperworks

When Welsh copper conquered the world

An exhibition focusing on the Welsh copper industry examines how this global industry affected Wales' social, cultural and urban development.


Taking terror out of the community

A new report from the Religion and Society Programme highlights the importance of relationship-building between police officers and community members to prevent extremism among Muslim youths.

Job search online

The scars of unemployment

The number of 16 to 24-year-olds out of work rose to 963,000 in the three months to February, while the total number of unemployed went down by 17,000. ESRC-funded research has examined how recession affects the job market, and the health effects on the unemployed.

Census form

Making sense of the census

The 'stock take' of UK residents on census day Sunday 27 March provides valuable data for social scientists.

Medical check-up

The ethnicity of heart disease

Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death in the UK, and new research based on longitudinal studies shows how people from some ethnic backgrounds are more at risk than others.

Jubilant girl

Power to the people

The vision of active local communities, reinvigorated and empowered by engaged residents, is at the heart of the drive for ‘Big Society’.

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