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Young and old

The generation gap

The last few years are unlikely to be remembered for a great change in inequality between rich and poor - the real story has been the divergent experiences of young and old.

Old woman

Changes ahead for the older population

The IFS report 'The Changing Face of Retirement' outlines the demographic and financial trends for those aged 65 and over in England up to 2022-23. It predicts that women aged 65 and over are likely to be healthier, be in paid work, and stay in a relationship with a longer-living husband.

Same-sex couple

Same-sex partnerships: commitment above rights

The House of Lords has voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage. ESRC-funded research suggests that couples enter into civil partnership to express commitment to their relationship, rather than legal 'rights' and protections.


Female surgeons: cutting the gender gap

Despite more women than men studying at UK medical schools, women are far less likely than male colleagues to pursue a career in surgery. ESRC-funded researchers have partnered with RCS and surgical society Scalpel to encourage women to become surgeons.


Zimbabwe land reforms: myths and surprises

A study supported by the ESRC and the Department for International Development presents some surprising results of the controversial Zimbabwean land reform - and challenges five particular myths.

Muslim woman

Muslim communities successfully integrating

Muslim ethnic minority communities have been integrating into British and German cities for some time, according to research presented at the NORFACE Migration Conference at University College London this week.


Financial skills key for female executives

Having a financial background can greatly enhance the career prospects of women in business - helping them to converse in the 'language of business' and prove their credibility, according to a new study.


US presidential election: the issues at stake

As the US presidential election day has arrived, the ESRC Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)'s series of US election analyses offers insights into key election issues.

Butler with tray

The life of a servant: less Downton, more downtrodden

Servant lives a century ago consisted of backbreaking work, long hours, low pay and often complete segregation from their superiors, says Dr Pamela Cox, Director of the ESRC Doctoral Training Centre at Essex University and presenter of a new BBC series.


Paytime at the top

Pay over the last decades have risen fastest for those at the very top of the income distribution - and most of the gains have gone to the financial sector through bonuses, according to research from the Centre for Economic Performance.

Job search online

The scars of unemployment

The number of 16 to 24-year-olds out of work rose to 963,000 in the three months to February, while the total number of unemployed went down by 17,000. ESRC-funded research has examined how recession affects the job market, and the health effects on the unemployed.


The gap years: education and social immobility

Despite having been high on the political agenda for decades, the educational gap between rich and poor children is still stark in Britain in 2011. Research shows that a wide range of influences conspire against poor children gaining a good education.

Employment ads

On your bike

Encouraging people to escape from areas of high unemployment sounds great in theory, but will it work?

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