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Baby in sling

Journey of a refugee

Sixty million people around the world are currently displaced by war, conflict or persecution, a UN report has revealed. According to Professor Derek McGhee at the ESRC Centre for Population Change, the causes behind such a massive displacement are complex.

World population

The UK, the world and the people

The world's population has reached 7.2 billion and counting, today on World Population Day. Dr Jakub Bijak of the ESRC Centre for Population Change looks at future population trends in the UK and abroad.

Westminster traffic

London calling for French expats

London is the destination of choice for the ambitious French, according to research carried out by ESRC-funded researchers. According to the French consulate, up to 400,000 French expats live here.

Charitable giving

Charity-minded migrants

Charitable causes in the UK benefit from strong traditions of giving among such groups, which result in generosity to UK charities and support for needs in countries of origin, according to research from the Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy.

IRIS logo

New online tool for language researchers

The new Instruments for Research into Second Language Learning (IRIS) database allows any language researcher to upload and download materials free of charge.

Muslim woman

Muslim communities successfully integrating

Muslim ethnic minority communities have been integrating into British and German cities for some time, according to research presented at the NORFACE Migration Conference at University College London this week.

Bangladeshi woman

Healthier living: Cardiff or Bangladesh?

A comparison of Bangladeshi women living in Cardiff and in Bangladesh shows poorer health among those living in Cardiff, with considerably more obesity. A less active lifestyle and a more unhealthy diet are the main reasons.


Cities sap our powers of concentration

New ESRC- funded research shows that if you live in an isolated rural area you are likely to concentrate better than if you live in a city.

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