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Education and the 'London effect'

The 'London effect' of increased pupil performance is caused by the capital's ethnic mix, argues Professor Simon Burgess.

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Delayed motherhood due to longer education

British women are increasingly having children at a later age – and longer time in education and training is a major factor, shows research from the ESRC Centre for Population Change (CPC).


Project helps charities evaluate their outreach work

A new ESRC-funded project is improving opportunities for children in London. Project Oracle: Children and Youth Evidence Hub is helping charities evaluate their outreach work, so that money can go towards those projects that have the most impact.

Baby and mother

Babies of blind mothers more skilled at communication

Far from being disadvantaged, babies of blind mothers develop communication and attention skills than their peers, according to research by Dr Atsushi Senju. He found no signs of autistic-like behaviour due to lack of visual communication.

Parent and child

New hub connecting autism research, practice and policy

A new online Autism-Research-Policy-Practice Hub aims to connect researchers, practitioners, policymakers and carers by creating a network of expertise, an online infrastructure and a set of communication packages.


Female surgeons: cutting the gender gap

Despite more women than men studying at UK medical schools, women are far less likely than male colleagues to pursue a career in surgery. ESRC-funded researchers have partnered with RCS and surgical society Scalpel to encourage women to become surgeons.

Story time

Teaching complex language through storytelling

A pioneering ESRC study by linguistics researchers has shown that 'story time' in primary schools can be used as a subtle way to introduce complex language structures to young children.

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New online tool for language researchers

The new Instruments for Research into Second Language Learning (IRIS) database allows any language researcher to upload and download materials free of charge.

David Newbery

Fuelling growth with public investments

Professor David Newberry argues that public investment in the right areas will fuel UK economic growth - with the short-term impact of giving work to domestic private companies who will create jobs.

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Invest in skills, infrastructure and innovation, says growth commission

Investing in human capital, improving the national infrastructure, improving finance provision for private investment and innovation, and the creation of an independent National Growth Council are key recommendations in the final report from the LSE Growth Commission.

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'Study hard, aim high' for working class British Asians

A recent ESRC study found that many working-class ethnic minority families are inspiring their children to be high educational achievers – even if the parents have had very little education themselves.


More than eight million adults without basic maths skills

In some areas of England, one in four adults has the maths skills of a seven to nine-year-old or below, according to new Skills for Life survey figures. The Targeted Initiative on Science and Mathematics Education, part-funded by ESRC, aims to boost engagement and understanding of maths and science for children and young people.


Financial skills key for female executives

Having a financial background can greatly enhance the career prospects of women in business - helping them to converse in the 'language of business' and prove their credibility, according to a new study.

KTP awards

ESRC researchers winning KTP Awards

ESRC's winning KTP partnership, with KTP Associate Harriet Knowles, was among the eight finalist Best Partnership teams at today's KTP Awards 2012 event. KTP Associates Kate Jones and Katie Flaherty both received a Business Leader of Tomorrow award.

Football players

The changing minds of young footballers

ESRC-funded research has found that young football players can be at different stages of mental development, affecting their decision-making - with implications for football coaching methods.


Adult apprenticeships: quality or quantity?

Thirty per cent of apprentices in England are over 45 years old, due to the practice of 'converting' existing employees into apprentices. But adult apprentices are more likely to be experiencing a 'restrictive' apprenticeship, with little access to learning new skills and gaining knowledge.

Sign language

British Sign Language - on the record

The British Sign Language Corpus Project has collected the first recorded 'corpus' of BSL and is expected to lead to improved services for deaf people. The project includes online video recordings of conversations, interviews, narratives, and signs for 102 key concepts.

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Science: still no child's play

Young people show little interest in science careers, and many children rarely take part in science-related activities, according to findings.

HapTEL workstation

Award-winning drilling in virtual teeth

A tooth drilling simulator part-funded by the ESRC has been awarded the prestigious BETT award for Innovation in ICT. The simulator enables dentist students to practice on virtual 3D teeth - without the pain of real patients.

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