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KTP awards

ESRC researchers winning KTP Awards

ESRC's winning KTP partnership, with KTP Associate Harriet Knowles, was among the eight finalist Best Partnership teams at today's KTP Awards 2012 event. KTP Associates Kate Jones and Katie Flaherty both received a Business Leader of Tomorrow award.


Researching service design for a better customer experience

The emerging field of 'service design' can be crucial in order to attract customers and business. The ESRC is partnering up with the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), the Design Council and the communications consultancy Madano Partnership to fund research exploring the value and impact of service design.

Toilet map

Putting toilets on the map with open data

The Great British Public Toilet Map has been developed as part of an ESRC-funded research project Tackling Ageing Continence through Theory Tools and Technology (TACT3), automatically tracking councils' open data on public toilet facilities and displaying the information online.

Online privacy

Trusting our data to online services

The Visualisation and Other Methods of Expression project, part of the ESRC-supported Ensuring Privacy and Consent programme, has designed a set of design principles to help online service providers respond to the privacy, consent and information needs of web users.


Adult apprenticeships: quality or quantity?

Thirty per cent of apprentices in England are over 45 years old, due to the practice of 'converting' existing employees into apprentices. But adult apprentices are more likely to be experiencing a 'restrictive' apprenticeship, with little access to learning new skills and gaining knowledge.

Sign language

British Sign Language - on the record

The British Sign Language Corpus Project has collected the first recorded 'corpus' of BSL and is expected to lead to improved services for deaf people. The project includes online video recordings of conversations, interviews, narratives, and signs for 102 key concepts.

Gas drill rig

Fracking and public dialogue

People remain negative about hydrocarbons and controversial 'fracking' extraction, and do not see shale gas or other forms of unconventional fossil fuel as the solution to either energy security or climate change.

School girl

Science: still no child's play

Young people show little interest in science careers, and many children rarely take part in science-related activities, according to findings.

Child and computer

Long-distance mothering through new media

Migrant women maintain their emotional and parenting bond with left-behind children through frequent use of new media - including mobile phone, texting, email, webcam calls and instant messaging.

Richard Bartholomew

Taking research to Westminster

The aim of the Government Social Research Service (GSR) is to provide robust and relevant research evidence for government policies departments. "Our work reduces the degree of uncertainty in policymaking", explains GSR Joint Head Richard Bartholomew.

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