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Law, Localism & Governance

This fellowship on Localism, Law and Governance will identify how law can successfully contribute to defining and promoting 'the local'. It will draw on academic research in law and geography to explore how ‘the local’ differs from local government as conventionally conceived, considering how multiple locals are legally implemented.

The project will also consider the many ways in which the local is (and are) governed, suggesting that there are multiple places and engagements considered to be local and many different forms of governance including local government law and practice, counter-terrorism initiatives, planning and place-making.

The project will engage with questions of exclusion and what has been called ‘spatial justice’. It will investigate the relationship between the idea of local autonomy and local identity and what happens if law enables communities to realise their vision on the ground, excluding some types of residents or behaviour that do not confirm to this vision.

The primary outputs of this research will be:

  • scholarly articles
  • a book on localism
  • a network of experts and actors
  • a conference stream on methodologies and law and society approaches at the Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference in 2013.
  • Outputs (3)